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Humans can be allergic to cats or dogs, or both, but what about a dog being allergic to a cat.

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You may love dogs, cats, and other furry critters, but their dander may not love you back.

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Many people love animals and have pets, but 15 percent of the population is allergic to dogs and cats, and 30 percent of people with asthma are allergic to pets.

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Dealing with an itchy allergic dog can be a frustrating experience for pet owners and veterinarians alike.

Learn about the symptoms, causes, and treatments for allergic dermatitis in your pet.Allergy - General in Dogs. By. Although sometimes the symptoms of allergies include allergic rhinitis.

In fact, approximately 15% of the U.S. population experiences dog or cat.About 10% of the U.S. population has pet allergies and cats are among the most common culprits.

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Different: If someone is allergic to dogs and to cats, that does not mean they will be allergic to rabbits too.Intradermal skin tests are notoriously unreliable in cats, and in dogs the size.Allergies to pets with fur are common, especially among people who have other allergies or asthma.

Patients who have allergic reactions to dogs and cats are actually having allergic reactions.

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Medication often helps but a change in diet is often the long term solution.

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